Having developed an innovative approach to dispute resolution, our firm is regarded as groundbreaking in the field of Authority-Based Legal Mediation.

To resolve disputes, we employ a discrete, well-informed and efficient procedure, which is carried out in a peaceful and respectful atmosphere, allowing the parties to regain control through dialogue.

It is not in our authority to make a judgment; however, our vast experience along with legal and economic expertise, enables us to analyze, with the parties' and their representatives' assistance, the options at their disposal and lead them to an agreed solution which reflects the odds, risks and interests of each party.

In many cases, including highly complex ones, the process takes place in a single, extended meeting, at the end of which a settlement agreement is signed by the parties and submitted to the court for approval.

Since the vast majority of the disputes handled by our firm ends in an amicable manner, and since the rate of mediation settlements actually carried out by the parties is much higher than that of court judgements, the mediation process constitutes a fair, effective and adequate alternative to legal proceedings.