About Us

A. Gabrieli & Co. is one of Israel´s leading dispute resolution law firms, relying on many years of experience in commercial litigation and civil law, with an emphasis on the resolution of complex and extensive legal disputes, both in Israel and around the world.

Referrals are received from the Supreme, District and Magistrates Courts, as well as by law firms and parties, and cases are handled by our superb team of lawyers, arbitrators and mediators.

With experience in settling thousands of complex disputes, we approach each case with commitment to help the parties resolve their disagreements in the most efficient, professional and fair manner. Our unique method of resolving a case is characterized by an active leadership of the process, using neutral, extensive and creative tools, with the clear objective of reaching the best possible solution.

We believe that the key to successful dispute resolution is a thorough understanding of the case, mastering all its legal aspects, while taking a comprehensive humane view of the dispute, the parties and their interests.