Hemi Ben Noon

Hemi Ben Noon

Prof. Hemi Ben Noon is a multidisciplinary researcher on Israeli law, political science and humanities, Associate Professor at the Sha´arei Mishpat College and President of the Arbitration Federation.

B.A in philosophy and mathematics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem as well as LL.B. from Tel Aviv University.
MA and PhD in Philosophy from Tel Aviv University.

He has been a member of the Israel Bar Association since 1986.

Prof. Ben Noon established Kidum, a preparatory course program for the Psychometric Entrance Test.

He later served as a director in public companies and was a research fellow at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC).

He was a member of Israel Bar Association´s committees, served as a member of the Bar´s Examinations Committee, and as member of the Forum of Professional Ethics Lecturers and the Forum of Civil Procedure Lecturers.

Prof. Ben Noon´s research deals mainly with civil procedure, decision making in law, and various aspects of law, philosophy and society. Has serves as a consultant to the firm for two decades.

Prof. Ben Noon has written about settlement under Section 79A of the Courts Law (co-authored with Adv. Amos Gabrieli): Will the law override settlements? Critique of Section 79A of the Courts Law, 46 Hapraklit 257 (2002) [Hebrew]; Criminal and Civil Retrial – Customary Law and New Trends, 12 Hamishpat, Volume in Honor of Adi Azar 37 (2007) [Hebrew]; on the status of parties to a legal proceeding, on class actions (with Judge Tal Havkin): Should a Plaintiff be Given the Burden of Approaching the Defendant before Filing an Application to Approve a Claim as a Class Action?, Aley Mishpat12 (2014) [Hebrew]; on professional ethics (with Boaz Shnoor and Eyal Katban): Tikun Ulam: Burdening Conduct and the Court, Hamishpat 20 (Nine) 11); and on cognitive biases in law: Cognitive Bias and Judicial Decisions, Sha´arei Mishpat 177-242 (2009) [Hebrew]; The three editions of his book Civil Appeals (co-authored with Judge Tal Havkin), a large study that focuses on all aspects of a civil law appeal, is quoted extensively in Supreme Court rulings.

Prof. Ben Noon is currently co-authoring with Adv. Amos Gavrieli a paper for a volume in honor of retired Supreme Court Judge Danziger on the ethics of arbitration.