Vered Elkabets

Vered Elkabets

Advocate and mediator
Adv. Elkabets earned her LL.B. from Tel Aviv University, and joined the Israeli Bar Association in 2002.

Adv. Elkabets has been a member of the firm´s mediation team since 2011.
During her many years of mediation experience, she has handled multi-complex conflicts, in Israel, USA and Europe, both as lead mediator and together with Adv. Amos Gabrieli. The cases include multi-faceted civil disputes in all areas, inter alia, commercial law, real estate, intellectual property, banking, defamation, torts and insurance, as well as administrative law and class actions.

Prior to joining the firm, Adv. Elkabets founded her own law practice, which specialized in commercial and real estate law, companies law, purchase groups, foreign clients´ representation and management of their assets in Israel. She was also involved in initiatives to promote Israeli businesses overseas, recruiting investors and export ventures to East Asian markets.

She interned at Gornitzky & Co. law firm´s branch, at the "Ofer Brothers Group"´s offices, where she engaged in commercial law, companies law, writing of legal opinions and representing clients vis a vis government authorities.

Adv. Elkabets was involved with The People´s Voice, a peace initiative headed by Ami Ayalon and Sari Nusseibeh.

She was awarded the President´s award of excellence for her service at the IDF as a navy intelligence officer.