Hagit Shaked

Hagit Shaked

Advocate, mediator and arbitrator
Research Fellow at the Gould Center on International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, Stanford Law School.

LL.M., Bar Ilan University.

Joined the Israeli Bar Association in 1998.

Has been a member of the firm´s team of arbitrators and mediators since 2012.

Adv. Shaked is one of Israel´s mediation pioneers. In 1998, she founded the Department for Conflict Resolution and Case Management in Tel Aviv District Courts, which she managed until 2008. She is a Recipient of the Weinstein Jams International Fellowship program. Taking part in international mediation and arbitration proceedings.

She served as a member of the Tel Aviv Bar Association ADR Committee, advised the Rubinstein Committee for exploring the use of ADR in Israeli Courts.

Adv. Shaked is a full time ADR specialist since 1997. She has mediated thousands of complex civil disputes, both in Israel and abroad. She is known for her ability to deal with matters that involve cross-cultural matters and complex emotional dynamics.

Two decades of practice in conducting legally and humanly complex mediation and arbitration procedures allow her to effectively and successfully manage the procedures – from developing the negotiation strategy to formulating the agreement between the parties.

In addition to her work as mediator and arbitrator, Adv. Shaked lectures at international conferences and forums, inter alia, on subjects such as international commercial mediation, representation in mediation proceedings, dispute system design and conducting cross-cultural negotiations.

A Comparative study of ADR Programs in the Courts of San Mateo, California, Tel Aviv, Israel and Delhi, India, under the guidance of Professor Martinez, Head of the Gould Center on International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, Stanford Law School. The results of the study were published in the article: 
Martinez, Spurcell, Shaked and Mehta, Dispute System Design: A Comparative Study of India, Israel and California, Cordazo Law Journal, 2013

A book which reviews mediation-related legislation and rulings in sixty-four countries worldwide. The chapter on Israel was written by Prof. Mordechai Meroni and Adv. Shaked:
The Variegated Landscape of Mediation: A Comparative Study of Mediation Regulation and Practices in Europe and the World, Eleven International Publishing, 2014