Ruth Lebhar Sharon

Ruth Lebhar Sharon

Judge (Ret.), advocate, mediator and arbitrator
Judge (Ret.) Lebhar Sharon served in the Israeli Army in the office of the Military Judge Advocate General´s Corp., President Shamgar. 

She completed her studies at the Law Faculty of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and was accepted to the Israeli Bar Association in 1971.

Judge (Ret.) Lebhar Sharon practiced law for 20 years in her late father´s law firm - A.D. Lebhar. She dealt with a wide range of civil cases, including real estate projects, wills and inheritance, taxes and significant tort cases.

She served as Deputy President of the Netanya Magistrate Court and was one of the pioneers to integrate mediation into the legal system in Israel. She led the Court Executive Body of first delegation to the United States which participated in a workshop on the subject of mediation under the direction of Professor Clifford Wallace (Judge of the Federal Appeals Court, California) who was an international pioneer in the theory of mediation.

Judge (Ret.) Lebhar Sharon served as President of the Magistrate´s Court and as Director of the National Department for Conflict Resolution and Management of Cases (CRMC). Within this framework, she conducted experimental projects (at the Haifa Magistrate´s Court) in order to reduce the heavy load of cases that were awaiting judgment, by using a special mediation procedure for the purpose of bringing the parties to a peaceful settlement of their conflict.  More than 90% of the case files ended in a court settlement.

She initiated workshops at the Lahav Executive Education School of Management of the Tel Aviv University, under the guidance of Professor Boaz Ronen, on the subject of managing and optimization processes. She was appointed Registrar of the Tel Aviv District Court where she managed the civil CRMC, assignment of case files, conducted meetings aimed at settlement of conflicts and, for the first time, referred case files for mediation.In 2006, she was appointed as a Judge at the Tel Aviv District Court where she dealt with civil cases in all legal fields, including family law cases. She presided both as a trial court judge and as an appellate court judge. As a judge, her goal was to bring the parties to resolve all disputed matters in the quickest and most efficient way.

Judge (Ret.) Lebhar Sharon was Chairman of the Judges Representative Body of the Tel Aviv District Court. She has been an active volunteer for many years in ERAN (Emotional First Aid Hotline) and participated in many in-depth and supplemental courses in psychology and in understanding the human mental condition.

Judge (Ret.) Lebhar Sharon served as a judge for 27 years. In 2018 after retiring, she joined the firm. She conducts mediation and arbitration proceedings, while using her vast experience and knowledge accumulated throughout the years to bring the parties to an effective and amicable solution to their dispute.